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Ankole-Watusi Bulls in Field

Business Description:

Breeder and conservator of Ankole-Watusi cattle

At La Dorada, we believe that many of us share an undeniable attraction to the beauty and historical significance of Ankole-Watusi cattle. We are drawn to love them, care for them, and experience a part of their living history.

As both a Charter and a Lifetime member of the Ankole Watusi International Registry, we have actively pursued two goals: to produce the best Ankole-Watusi cattle possible and to introduce these magnificent animals to millions of people across America.

What are your goals?

To produce a beautiful calf sired by a great Ankole-Watusi bull?

To prevent the extinction of a fabulous breed?

To give back to the world around you?

To create something that your whole family can participate in?

Whatever your goal, tell us. We are here to help you reach your goal.

Dr. Elizabeth Lundgren

 Ankole-Watusi Bulls in Field